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History of Kensol
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Kensol Hot Stamp> History of Kensol
The History of Kensol/Foilmark
Kensol/Foilmark’s origins go back to the early 1920’s when the first Kensol Press was designed.
Initially, the machine was created for hot stamping lettering onto the covers of rebound library books.
As time passed, these machines were adapted to apply stamping foil onto items fabricated from leather, wood, cloth and paper products.
After World War II, Kensol-Olsenmark, Inc., the company equipment manufacturing division, designed the first hot stamping power press driven by compressed air.
This technological break-through made Kensol machines ideal for marking and decorating plastics.
As the plastic industry grew, the stamping applications became more diversified.
Today, all full service plastic fabricators will include hot stamping as a decorating technique in their finishing departments.
Hot stamping is also extensively utilized in the graphic carts industry for the application of bright metallic and pigment finishes onto book covers,
greeting cards, packaging and similar graphic products.

In the early 1950’s Kensol began distributing stamping foil at the request of customers requiring a “turnkey” package.
As the demand for foil increased, Kensol found that they could no longer rely upon outside suppliers if Kensol was to remain a reliable source of quality materials.
That need was addressed in the mid ‘70s, when the Olsen family, the owners of Kensol from its inception,
acquire a foil manufacturer located in northeast Massachusetts and Foilmark, Incorporated was established.
Foilmark utilizes the latest in specialized film converting equipment, much of which was designed and built by Kensol.
That versatility enables the company to custom convert for others who also require specially coated, treated or metallized film.
In recent years, Kensol has become involved in the design of automation and integrated systems.
These systems incorporate other decorating and assembly techniques such as ultrasonic welding, high frequency heat sealing, pad printing, spray painting and similar process.
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