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ALL Used Machines For Sale
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Heater Head
Foil Pull
Foil Pull
500 TM1/2 Ton8" X 8"ElectricNonePeripheral marker, Machine Stand1054
530 E-200 HT1/2 tonNoneElectricLeft to RightHeat Transfer, X-Y-R base, lite-touch buttons725
530 NE-501 Ton6" X 8"Decal IndexerLeft to RightRotary Table, Stand971
530-E1 tonNoneElectricLeft to RightStand, Digital Control Box911
700-85020 ton24 X 36ElectricNoneNone743
720-RCRollOn12" heater shoeNoneNoneBench Model, Extra Shoe972
730-RR-XFER8NoneNoneNoneConveyor Type271
830 E-410 TONNoneNoneNoneNone742
830 E-410 tonNoneElectricUnknownNone841
830-15010 ton10 X 15ElectricLeft to RightAnalogue controls/steel extension on work table816
830-1501010 X 15ElectricRight to LeftSlide Table, 480V685
830-1501010 X 15ElectricRight to LeftSlide Table, 480V686
830-20010 Ton6 X 36NoneNoneNone633
830-20010 Ton10 X 36NoneNoneNone476
830E-48010 tonNoneElectricFront to BackDual Foil Feed820
9AH1/16 TonNoneMechanicalRight to LeftWest heat control225
9AH1/16 TonNoneMechanicalRight to Left 226
N/A1 Ton3 X 5ElectricLeft to RightNone556
ROLL ONNoneElectricRight to Left6 in. wide roller1043
101/4 Ton2 X 4MechanicalRight to LeftNone520
101/4 Ton2 X 4MechanicalRight to LeftNone521
101/4 Ton2 X 4MechanicalRight to LeftNone522
101/4 Ton2 X 4MechanicalRight to LeftX-Y-R (small)464
101/4 Ton2 X 4MechanicalLeft to RightDigital Controls636
101/4 Ton2 X 4MechanicalLeft to RightDigital Controls637
101/4 Ton2 X 4MechanicalLeft to RightDigital Controls638
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNo Base620
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMNoneFront to BackNone621
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNo Base622
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone624
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to Right(8) StationCamco, Stand, Full Guarding 673
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to Rightmachine has a peripheral making device789
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone790
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalFront to BackNone792
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftXYR. Some spare parts.793
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightSlide Table740
10201 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftIED Digital Control Box439
10201 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneAnalog Control Box, 3 in. Stroke381
10201 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftNone250
10201 Ton3"X 6" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to Rightnumber head, stand495
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to Left3 in. extra clearance1044
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1015
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1023
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1026
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1027
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalFront to BackNone1057
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalLeft to RightNone958
102012" X 6 1/4"PnuematicLeft to Right8 Station Camco, Load Delay, Stand970
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone840
102012" X 6 1/4"NoneNoneNone854
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneXYR. Some spare parts.876
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1077
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1078
115.5 TonUnknownMechanicalLeft to RightNone1075
115.5 TonUnknownMechanicalRight to LeftBox is off mount, Very Clean1068
115.52" X 6 1/4"MechanicalRight to LeftNone908
115.5 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to RightExtra clearance1045
115.5 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to Right3 in. extra clearance1046
1151/2 TonNoneNoneNoneFrame ONLY519
1151/2 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftSS Heat Control596
11512"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftNone798
1403"X 6" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to RightFor Rebuild of Franmara623
15001/2 ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone730
15001-1/2 ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone914
16486"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricNoneNone1050
1646 Tons6"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricFront to BackRoll/Roll, No Sheeter Stacker, Re-reg unit365
22001 1/2 Ton10" X 15" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftFactory Stand83
2200 1.5 Ton6"X 12" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftFactory Stand, Extra Height88
24002 1/2 Ton12"X 24" Franklin/AFMElectricRight to LeftStand, Stroke 3 inch 304
24002 1/2 Ton6"X 12" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftExtra clearance332
24002 1/2 Ton10" X 15" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to Left3" Stroke362
24002 1/2 Ton10" X 15" Franklin/AFMElectricRight to Left1 of 3566
24002 1/2 TonNoneNoneNoneNone579
24002.56"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricNoneSpecial 2 stamp for 2 sides649
24002.510" X 15" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone919
5100510" X 15" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftCastors923
510056"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1039
510056"X 8" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone1076
810086"X 12" Franklin/AFMNoneRight to LeftFrame Only1041
810086"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1024
810086"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftUsed for Frisbee, Frame Only909
810086"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftUsed for Frisbee, Frame Only910
810086"X 12" Franklin/AFMNoneRight to LeftNone593
82001512"X 18" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone654
82001512"X 18" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1061
8500156"X 12" Franklin/AFMDecal IndexerLeft to Rightforklift tubes, old indexer1058
8500156"X 12" Franklin/AFMDecal IndexerRight to LeftForklift tubes, old indexer1059
85001512"X 24" Franklin/AFMElectricUnknown2 Foil Feeds, Slide Table1060
RLC1/2 TonUnknownMechanicalRight to LeftGift from Dave Helboch999
Ultra 1.01 Ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicNoneNone540
Ultra 2.52 1/2 Ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to RightNo Control Box563
408 MEHNoneDecal IndexerLeft to Right4 Position Camco/ 4 Post456
DPR08Roll onNoneNoneNoneon Machine Stand 763
DPR08Roll onNoneNoneNoneon Machine Stand 764
DPRO12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor690
DPRO12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone984
DPRO-12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone985
DPRO-12RollOn12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone980
DPRO-12RollOn12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone981
DPRO-12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone982
DPRO-12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone983
DPRO-12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor691
DPRO-12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor688
DPRO-12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor689
K-110-D6 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicRight to LeftCrate Machine472
K-110-T3 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightNone542
K-110-T3 TonNonePnuematicRight to LeftFoil Feed Missing194
K-110-T6 ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightNone812
K-110-T4 ton 5" X 6"NoneNoneFrame Only848
K-1566 Ton2" X 10"NoneNoneNone488
K-1566 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to Right18x18 wrk tbl, drilled/tapped, very clean959
K-1577 ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightBeveage crate press, might run "as is"1062
K-1577 Ton12" X 18"NoneNoneAnalogue Control Box489
K-1577 Ton12" X 18"PnuematicLeft to RightNone572
K-15-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"PnuematicFront to BackParts Only569
K-15-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalFront to BackParts?570
K-1658 ton12" X 30"NoneNoneNone832
K-1658 TonNoneNoneNoneNone968
K-1658 Ton12" X 18"PnuematicLeft to Right1x16x24 wrk tbl, foil adv, thermo ht ctrl, no osha952
K-165 H10 tonNonePnuematicNoneFactory Stand, Dual Leaf Pulls 781
K-165 H10 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to Right3" Stroke323
K-165 H10 Ton12" X 24"PnuematicLeft to RightAnalogue Control Box418
K-16-D1 TonNoneNoneNoneRotary table (air operated), stand462
K-16-D1 TonNoneNoneNone8 Station Rotary Table404
K-16-D1/2 Ton5" X 6"PnuematicLeft to RightNeeds Air Valve524
K-16-D5" X 6"PnuematicLeft to Right6 Station Rotary Idec, Factory Stand558
K-16-D1 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalFront to BackStand482
K-16-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"PnuematicRight to LeftNone508
K-16-T1/2 Ton5" X 6"NoneNoneNone395
K-16-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"PnuematicLeft to RightStroke 3 inch306
K-18516 Ton10" X 15"NoneLeft to RightHead Turned 90 Degrees628
K-25-T1/2 Ton5" X 6"PnuematicRight to LeftMachine Stand, Litetouch223
K-25-T1 1/2 Ton5" X 6"NoneRight to LeftNone407
K-25-T1 1/2 Ton5" X 6"NoneNoneNice Stand523
K-27-T1 1/2 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicFront to Back3" Stroke337
K-320R1/2 ton6" X 8"ElectricFront to BackChain conveyor on a K-27 frame factory stand823
K-36-T3 ton10" X 15"NoneNoneNo start buttons, no heat, (die cutter)834
K-36-T3 ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNo OSHA836
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightMachine Stand 759
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"MechanicalFront to BackMachine Stand, Rotary Table 769
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"MechanicalFront to BackSTAND777
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightSTAND779
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicRight to Left(2) 4 wall lock-up chases632
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 12"MechanicalFront to BackSteel Die Block736
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightSelf centering type / Die holder737
K-36-T3 ton 9" X 12"NoneLeft to RightNone726
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightSTAND728
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 12"ElectricLeft to RightHeat Transfer/Sic system504
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"NoneNoneFrame Only479
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone525
K-36-T3 Ton5" X 12"MechanicalFront to BackNone526
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightClean857
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightHas Pinch Point977
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNo Pinch Point978
K-36-T3 Ton5" X 6"PnuematicFront to BackStand, Pinch Point, Honeycomb Chase1040
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightBrooklyn Novelty1033
K-465 ton9" X 12"PnuematicRight to LeftBrooklyn Novelty, Older K46 Frame1032
K-466 Ton9" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightTooling for license plate frames361
K-465 ton9" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightMachine Stand 831
K-46T56" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone950
K-50-D4 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to Right3" Stroke340
K-50-D4 Ton10" X 15"NoneNoneFrame Only478
K-564 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to Right3" Stroke, Control Box Missing338
K-566 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightNone692
K-604 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone625
K-604 ton5" X 6"MechanicalRight to LeftMachine Stand 758
K-604 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone487
K-658 ton12" X 18"PnuematicLeft to RightNone802
K-658 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightStand626
K-658 Ton12" X 24"PnuematicLeft to RightNone635
K-658 ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightNone739
K-658 ton6" X 12"NoneNoneStand- frame only for re-build 12" throat depth735
K-658 Ton9" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightBrooklyn Novelty, Pinch Point1031
K-65812" X 18"PnuematicLeft to RightDual Foil Feed, Factory Stand1079
K-65 H10 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightStand, Honeycomb Chase1012
K-65 H10 Ton6" X 8"NoneNone3 in Stroke, Thomson PLC414
None4 TonNoneNoneNoneStand (Factory)246
NoneNoneNoneNoneFoil Cutter486
KF 10001 1/2 Ton3"X 6"ElectricLeft to Rightnumber head, stand496
KF 10001 Ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand602
KF 10001 Ton6" Roll OnElectricRight to LeftMachine Stand, Roll On Tooling605
KF 10001 Ton6" Roll OnElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand, Roll On Tooling606
KF 100013"X 6"PnuematicLeft to RightVacuum Chase619
KF 10001 Ton2"X 4"PnuematicLeft to RightSpec Stand removed 4/16, no hand buttons467
KF 10001 Ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightFrame for Rebuild682
KF 10001 Ton3"X 6"PnuematicLeft to RightNone1052
KF 100012" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightKF Brander, Machine Stand, IDEC Controller1053
KF 1511/8 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalLeft to RightComputer XY Base, No Control Box1013
KF 1511/8 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalRight to LeftComputer XY Base, No Control Box1014
KF 1581010"X 15"ElectricLeft to RightIDEC Anvil Support1056
KF 25002.5 Ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightStand, Sheet Metal Damage1006
KF 25002 1/2 ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightNo box, stand, X-Y-R827
KF 25002 1/2 ton6"X 12"ElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand 830
KF 500A1 ton5" X 7"NoneNoneAFM XYR & NO FOIL FEED856
KF 820015 Ton6"X 8"NoneNoneKF Analogue411
KF 850015 Ton12"X 18"ElectricLeft to RightOut Board Table Supports973
KF 85001512"X 18"NoneNoneNone1064
KF 85001512"X 18"ElectricLeft to RightNone1065
86 A/A 1/2 ton2" x 5 3/4" Multiline TypeholderPnuematicLeft to RightRibbon attachment669
R8BXRoll On6" X 6"ElectricLeft to RightGuarding, Light Curtain517
R8BXROLL ONDecal IndexerLeft to RightSTAND862
UP300TNoneNone4 X 8 Plate, XYR Base Plate, 90MM Cup497
UP600NoneNoneNoneSuper Clean545
US-051/2 Ton4" X 4"ElectricRight to LeftNone403
US-05 NoneElectricRight to LeftSpecial Roll on82
US-050.5 Ton6" X 8"ElectricRight to LeftDigital, Mechanical Slide, Lite Touch1036
US-101 Ton6" X 6"ElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand1047
US-101 Ton8" X 8"ElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand1049
US-101 Ton8" X 8"ElectricRight to LeftMachine Stand, Full Guarding1055
US-101 tonElectricLeft to RightSTAND, NON-FUNCTIONAL CONTROL BOX860
US-101 Ton6" X 8"ElectricRight to LeftDamaged Control Box1001
US-101 Ton6" X 8"NoneNoneNo Air Cylinder1002
US-101 Ton6" X 8"NoneNoneNone1003
US-101 Ton6" X 8"NoneNoneNone1004
US-101 Ton6" X 6"NoneNoneUSI Tool Plate/USI Box Off Press386
US-252.5 Ton6" X 8"ElectricRight to LeftMachine Stand, Mechanical Buttons1069
US-707 Ton12" X 24"ElectricRight to LeftDovetail Drilled and Tapped954
US-707 1/2 Ton10" X 24"NoneNoneFrame for Rebuild711
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