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Kensol-Franklin Used Machines For Sale
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Heater Head
Foil Pull
Foil Pull
KF 10001 Ton2"X 4"PnuematicLeft to RightSpec Stand removed 4/16, no hand buttons467
KF 10001 1/2 Ton3"X 6"ElectricLeft to Rightnumber head, stand496
KF 10001 Ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand602
KF 10001 Ton6" Roll OnElectricRight to LeftMachine Stand, Roll On Tooling605
KF 10001 Ton6" Roll OnElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand, Roll On Tooling606
KF 100013"X 6"PnuematicLeft to RightVacuum Chase619
KF 10001 Ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightFrame for Rebuild682
KF 10001 Ton3"X 6"PnuematicLeft to RightNone1052
KF 100012" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightKF Brander, Machine Stand, IDEC Controller1053
KF 1511/8 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalLeft to RightComputer XY Base, No Control Box1013
KF 1511/8 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalRight to LeftComputer XY Base, No Control Box1014
KF 1581010"X 15"ElectricLeft to RightIDEC Anvil Support1056
KF 25002.5 Ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightStand, Sheet Metal Damage1006
KF 25002 1/2 ton6"X 8"ElectricLeft to RightNo box, stand, X-Y-R827
KF 25002 1/2 ton6"X 12"ElectricLeft to RightMachine Stand 830
KF 500A1 ton5" X 7"NoneNoneAFM XYR & NO FOIL FEED856
KF 820015 Ton6"X 8"NoneNoneKF Analogue411
KF 85001512"X 18"NoneNoneNone1064
KF 85001512"X 18"ElectricLeft to RightNone1065
KF 850015 Ton12"X 18"ElectricLeft to RightOut Board Table Supports973
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