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Kensol Used Machines For Sale
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Heater Head
Foil Pull
Foil Pull
408 MEHNoneDecal IndexerLeft to Right4 Position Camco/ 4 Post456
DPR08Roll onNoneNoneNoneon Machine Stand 763
DPR08Roll onNoneNoneNoneon Machine Stand 764
DPRO12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor690
DPRO12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone984
DPRO-12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone985
DPRO-12RollOn12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone980
DPRO-12RollOn12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone981
DPRO-12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone982
DPRO-12Roll On12" Roller ElectricUnknownNone983
DPRO-12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor691
DPRO-12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor688
DPRO-12Roll onNoneNoneNoneLong Conveyor689
K-110-D6 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicRight to LeftCrate Machine472
K-110-T3 TonNonePnuematicRight to LeftFoil Feed Missing194
K-110-T3 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightNone542
K-110-T4 ton 5" X 6"NoneNoneFrame Only848
K-110-T6 ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightNone812
K-1566 Ton2" X 10"NoneNoneNone488
K-1566 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to Right18x18 wrk tbl, drilled/tapped, very clean959
K-1577 ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightBeveage crate press, might run "as is"1062
K-1577 Ton12" X 18"NoneNoneAnalogue Control Box489
K-1577 Ton12" X 18"PnuematicLeft to RightNone572
K-15-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"PnuematicFront to BackParts Only569
K-15-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalFront to BackParts?570
K-1658 Ton12" X 18"PnuematicLeft to Right1x16x24 wrk tbl, foil adv, thermo ht ctrl, no osha952
K-1658 ton12" X 30"NoneNoneNone832
K-1658 TonNoneNoneNoneNone968
K-165 H10 tonNonePnuematicNoneFactory Stand, Dual Leaf Pulls 781
K-165 H10 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to Right3" Stroke323
K-165 H10 Ton12" X 24"PnuematicLeft to RightAnalogue Control Box418
K-16-D1 TonNoneNoneNoneRotary table (air operated), stand462
K-16-D1 TonNoneNoneNone8 Station Rotary Table404
K-16-D5" X 6"PnuematicLeft to Right6 Station Rotary Idec, Factory Stand558
K-16-D1 Ton2" X 4"MechanicalFront to BackStand482
K-16-D1/2 Ton5" X 6"PnuematicLeft to RightNeeds Air Valve524
K-16-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"PnuematicRight to LeftNone508
K-16-T1/2 Ton2" X 4"PnuematicLeft to RightStroke 3 inch306
K-16-T1/2 Ton5" X 6"NoneNoneNone395
K-18516 Ton10" X 15"NoneLeft to RightHead Turned 90 Degrees628
K-25-T1 1/2 Ton5" X 6"NoneNoneNice Stand523
K-25-T1/2 Ton5" X 6"PnuematicRight to LeftMachine Stand, Litetouch223
K-25-T1 1/2 Ton5" X 6"NoneRight to LeftNone407
K-27-T1 1/2 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicFront to Back3" Stroke337
K-320R1/2 ton6" X 8"ElectricFront to BackChain conveyor on a K-27 frame factory stand823
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightMachine Stand 759
K-36-T3 ton10" X 15"NoneNoneNo start buttons, no heat, (die cutter)834
K-36-T3 ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNo OSHA836
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightClean857
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"MechanicalFront to BackMachine Stand, Rotary Table 769
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"MechanicalFront to BackSTAND777
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightSTAND779
K-36-T3 ton 9" X 12"NoneLeft to RightNone726
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightSTAND728
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 12"MechanicalFront to BackSteel Die Block736
K-36-T3 ton 6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightSelf centering type / Die holder737
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"NoneNoneFrame Only479
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone525
K-36-T3 Ton5" X 12"MechanicalFront to BackNone526
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 12"ElectricLeft to RightHeat Transfer/Sic system504
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicRight to Left(2) 4 wall lock-up chases632
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightHas Pinch Point977
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNo Pinch Point978
K-36-T3 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightBrooklyn Novelty1033
K-36-T3 Ton5" X 6"PnuematicFront to BackStand, Pinch Point, Honeycomb Chase1040
K-465 ton9" X 12"PnuematicRight to LeftBrooklyn Novelty, Older K46 Frame1032
K-466 Ton9" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightTooling for license plate frames361
K-465 ton9" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightMachine Stand 831
K-46T56" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone950
K-50-D4 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to Right3" Stroke340
K-50-D4 Ton10" X 15"NoneNoneFrame Only478
K-564 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to Right3" Stroke, Control Box Missing338
K-566 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightNone692
K-604 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone487
K-604 ton5" X 6"MechanicalRight to LeftMachine Stand 758
K-604 Ton6" X 8"PnuematicLeft to RightNone625
K-658 Ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightStand626
K-658 Ton12" X 24"PnuematicLeft to RightNone635
K-658 ton12" X 18"PnuematicLeft to RightNone802
K-658 ton10" X 15"PnuematicLeft to RightNone739
K-658 ton6" X 12"NoneNoneStand- frame only for re-build 12" throat depth735
K-658 Ton9" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightBrooklyn Novelty, Pinch Point1031
K-65812" X 18"PnuematicLeft to RightDual Foil Feed, Factory Stand1079
K-65 H10 Ton6" X 12"PnuematicLeft to RightStand, Honeycomb Chase1012
K-65 H10 Ton6" X 8"NoneNone3 in Stroke, Thomson PLC414
None4 TonNoneNoneNoneStand (Factory)246
NoneNoneNoneNoneFoil Cutter486
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