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Franklin Used Machines For Sale
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Heater Head
Foil Pull
Foil Pull
10201 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftNone250
10201 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneAnalog Control Box, 3 in. Stroke381
10201 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftIED Digital Control Box439
10201 Ton3"X 6" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to Rightnumber head, stand495
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNo Base620
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMNoneFront to BackNone621
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNo Base622
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone624
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightSlide Table740
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to Rightmachine has a peripheral making device789
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone790
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalFront to BackNone792
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftXYR. Some spare parts.793
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone840
102012" X 6 1/4"NoneNoneNone854
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneXYR. Some spare parts.876
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to Right(8) StationCamco, Stand, Full Guarding 673
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalLeft to RightNone958
102012" X 6 1/4"PnuematicLeft to Right8 Station Camco, Load Delay, Stand970
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1015
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1023
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1026
102013"X 6" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1027
102016"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to Left3 in. extra clearance1044
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalFront to BackNone1057
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1077
102012"X 4" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1078
115.5 TonUnknownMechanicalRight to LeftBox is off mount, Very Clean1068
115.5 TonUnknownMechanicalLeft to RightNone1075
115.5 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to RightExtra clearance1045
115.5 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to Right3 in. extra clearance1046
115.52" X 6 1/4"MechanicalRight to LeftNone908
11512"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftNone798
1151/2 Ton2"X 4" Franklin/AFMMechanicalRight to LeftSS Heat Control596
1151/2 TonNoneNoneNoneFrame ONLY519
1403"X 6" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to RightFor Rebuild of Franmara623
15001/2 ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone730
15001-1/2 ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone914
1646 Tons6"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricFront to BackRoll/Roll, No Sheeter Stacker, Re-reg unit365
16486"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricNoneNone1050
22001 1/2 Ton10" X 15" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftFactory Stand83
2200 1.5 Ton6"X 12" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftFactory Stand, Extra Height88
24002 1/2 Ton10" X 15" Franklin/AFMElectricRight to Left1 of 3566
24002 1/2 TonNoneNoneNoneNone579
24002 1/2 Ton12"X 24" Franklin/AFMElectricRight to LeftStand, Stroke 3 inch 304
24002 1/2 Ton6"X 12" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftExtra clearance332
24002 1/2 Ton10" X 15" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to Left3" Stroke362
24002.56"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricNoneSpecial 2 stamp for 2 sides649
24002.510" X 15" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone919
5100510" X 15" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftCastors923
510056"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1039
510056"X 8" Franklin/AFMNoneNoneNone1076
810086"X 12" Franklin/AFMNoneRight to LeftFrame Only1041
810086"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicLeft to RightNone1024
810086"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftUsed for Frisbee, Frame Only909
810086"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftUsed for Frisbee, Frame Only910
810086"X 12" Franklin/AFMNoneRight to LeftNone593
82001512"X 18" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone654
82001512"X 18" Franklin/AFMPnuematicRight to LeftNone1061
8500156"X 12" Franklin/AFMDecal IndexerLeft to Rightforklift tubes, old indexer1058
8500156"X 12" Franklin/AFMDecal IndexerRight to LeftForklift tubes, old indexer1059
85001512"X 24" Franklin/AFMElectricUnknown2 Foil Feeds, Slide Table1060
RLC1/2 TonUnknownMechanicalRight to LeftGift from Dave Helboch999
Ultra 1.01 Ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMPnuematicNoneNone540
Ultra 2.52 1/2 Ton6"X 8" Franklin/AFMElectricLeft to RightNo Control Box563
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